May 18 will be held the tenth festival of medieval culture «Golshanskiy Castle»

Than this year will surprise guests tenth anniversary, the Festival of medieval culture «Golshany castle»? Which teams will be headlining the festival? In what form will meet history buffs former possessions Sapieha? These and other issues were discussed during the meeting of the district organizing committee on preparation for the festival.


Participation in the discussion was the chairman of the executive committee Miroslav Sarosek, his deputy Natalia Stankevich Galina Lyutkovskaya Vadim Paszkowski, chairman Golshanskaya selispolkoma Wojciech Kovzan, chairman of the local economy Nikolai changes, representatives of forestry, regional branch oblpotrebobschestva and, of course, cultural workers, who bear special responsibility for determining the concept of a holiday.

Incidentally, the anniversary festival will be held May 18 in that is all about all only a little more than two months. For bringing order to the walls of the castle and in the agro need to take right now, said Miroslav Sarosek. For this cause shall join the locals — at least in their own backyards.

Of course, the focus is on the monument of architecture. Here, work is continuing on the reconstruction of fragments of the walls adjacent to the restored exterior of the north tower. It has been done and a metal ladder on which soon will be to get into the tower. It was restored north tower will be the main gift for the guests of this festival. Installation stairs, light walls, creating exposure require significant effort and resources — but thanks to the descendants will be able to touch history.

Part of it can be done will be during the anniversary of the festival, which once again collects reenactors of medieval life, chivalry clubs and just lovers of history. In the area adjacent to the territory of the castle will house music scene, tents, knight’s condition will be sold handicrafts. As in previous years, will be held theatrical performances, equestrian tournaments and, of course, musical performances. That the headliners of this festival will become the group «Stary Olsa», who participated in the first festival «Golshanskiy Castle» and «Cast Thaler», PAWA. It is also planned festival of instrumental music, which will be held in the local House of Culture.

Among the attractions, which prepared the organizers — a unique opportunity to see the Sapieha castle in all its glory. Special technology will help revive the old brickwork, let alone in 3D-view. Gastronomical holiday card also promises to please. Emphasis is planned to be on the national dishes, among which a special place will be Golshany gingerbread and roasted pig. By all appearances, it will be interesting!


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