European Classic Powerlifting Cup in Oshmyany

Once again Oshmyany will become the venue for holding the European Cup in classic powerlifting and bench press.

At the end of March — by prior arrangement from 22 to 24 — Oshmyany for the second time will gather on its platform the strongest powerlifters of Europe. At a meeting of the organizing committee chaired by the head of the district Miroslav Sarosek together with representatives of the federation, the issues of living for athletes, bringing them to the competition site, moments of the opening ceremony of the Cup, sounding and broadcasting online, holding the awards ceremony and a number of other organizational subtleties were discussed.

“This time it is much easier for us to hold competitions of such a high level,” said the head coach of the Republic of Belarus powerlifting team, Mikhail Stankevich, to the head of the Grodno and Grodno region department of the Federation of Powerlifting in Grodno. — The experience of last year’s Cup will allow us to organize everything in the best possible way now. Although it should be noted that a year ago the competitions were held here, I will not be afraid of this word, at the highest level. Representatives of the European Federation Ralph Ferguson (Spain) and Miriam Busselot (Belgium) gave a high rating to our starts. We all did together: the local authorities, those responsible for sports work, and the leadership of our federation, and a number of organizations in the district, which provided everything needed to make guests feel at home.

And although there is still a little more than two months to start, preparation for them is in full swing. Practically every weekend our athletes also train. According to Mikhail Stankievich, more than 10 athletes of the Ajax sports and athletic club are included in the number of applicants to the national team of Belarus for participation in the European Cup. Based on the fact that an implacable fight against doping among powerlifters is now underway, there is every reason to believe that the ranks of the European Cup participants will be clean, which will provide an opportunity to wage a fair fight for places on the podium.


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