Representative of the Oshmyany club «Ajax» became the European champion in powerlifting

From 9 to 13 August in the French city of Bordeaux, the European Powerlifting Championship was held in the press bench press. At this prestigious sports forum, the Belarusian federation announced three of its athletes, including Oleg Ermak, a representative of the Oshmyany sports and athletic club «Ajax».

All three sportsmen performed well at European competitions. Mozyr woman Natalia Primachenko from the Big Ben club took second place in the weight category up to 57 kg, quite a bit behind the opponent from Sweden. On the second day men joined the fight. Oleg Ermak went to the platform in the weight category up to 93 kg. For the championship title the fight went to the last approach. At first, four athletes claimed at once — two Frenchmen, a Czech and a Belorussian. To come out the winner in a difficult confrontation with the athlete helped his teammates and coaches, whose support instilled confidence and helped to cope with the excitement. Equally strenuous was the fight in the weight category up to 120 kg. Heavy weight from Gomel Alexander Demyanov confidently went to gold, but rivals «came on their heels», and only the third approach decided the outcome of the fight. Gomel resident brought one more award of our highest test to our team.

The result of the performances of Belarusian athletes is impressive: one silver and two gold won in one day. Twice during the day, the anthem of our country sounded at the competitions in France. This once again proves that the federation of equipment and classical powerlifting of Belarus works for the result. The leadership of the sports association clearly feels the rhythm and aspirations of talented and active youth, which by its achievements contributes to the creation of the image of our country at the international level. The Federation creates the right conditions for our athletes to become the strongest in the world.

The leadership of the federation will apply for the awarding of the title of «Master of Sports of International Class» to athletes who have achieved high results at the European Championships in Bordeaux.

Athletes have made a good reserve before the European Cup, which will be held in March 2019 in Oshmyany. The chairman of the branch of the federation for Grodno and the Grodno region Mikhail Stankevich has no doubt that the competitions on the Oshmyan land will be held at the highest level and will bring more medals to Belarusian athletes, especially since the championship was supported by local authorities. Organizational issues for the preparation of the championship were discussed in Oshmyany in the spring of this year. The chairman of the district executive committee Miroslav Sarasek and the leadership of the federation stipulated the main moments of the competitions in our city.


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