Lithuanian and Belarusian experts discussed the concept of recovery Oshmiany synagogue

Three shrines located in the center of Oshmyan: Catholic, Orthodox, and a little distance away, hidden behind modern buildings, Jewish. Erected over a hundred years ago, the synagogue attracts Belarusian and foreign tourists, as today it is almost the most preserved in the original form of the Jewish temple in Belarus. And while time prevails, but there is clearly visible painted roof and walls and unique architectural elements. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the lost elements of the painting of the zodiacal circle, takes place in several places a three-tiered slate roof, crumbling plaster on the walls.

Today the synagogue to save for use on direct pryznachennni no sense. In Ashmyany NO Jewish community, and the Jews who live there, can be counted on the fingers. also do not have to wait for a rich uncle from Israel. What to do with this valuable and interesting in every sense of the object of our heritage? To this question tried to answer during a public event in the museum international experts Lithuanian ICOMOS Committee, representatives of the Belarusian branch of the International Committee for the Conservation of Monuments and Sites, the locals are invited to the discussion.

The discussion was conducted within the current Belarusian kaimitetam ICOMOS project «Development of the concept of restoration of the building of the former synagogue Oshmiany at the request of the local community.» Before that, there was a meeting in Vilnius. Lithuanian experts shared their experience with sacral architectural heritage, together discussed the specifics of the legislation in respect of monuments in different countries and the processes of reproduction, have seen the differences in the approaches to the management and presentation of objects. During the discussion, the experts exchanged views on possible ways to transform the image Oshmiany synagogue. The participants then agreed that a key element in the actualization of the synagogue and its return to life in the context of the modern use of a well-built communication advantages of the object.

Discussion continued in Ashmyany, which were visited by experts from Lithuania. On the first day of their visit, they got acquainted with the state and progress of the restoration of monuments in the region. In the second — shared their experiences in the restoration of such objects in the territory of Lithuania.
— restoration for the restoration does not make sense, — said the head of the center for the restoration and preservation of the historic center of Vilnius Gediminas Rutkavskas — but the answer to the question, how and what to keep and why we found also did not immediately, but only after about 10 years. It is necessary to compare, learn how others do it. Maybe our experience will help you to save the synagogues.

Lithuanian experts have shown by the example of the restoration of wooden and stone buildings of Lithuanian synagogues, how you can use these objects as a library, the town museum, art school.

The head of the project office of the Belarusian Committee of ICOMOS, an architect and restorer Igor Rahanski expressed his vision of the further fate of the synagogue, noting that the display object — it is the most primitive form of the use of attractions, offering options for cinema and recording studio with a stage area.
Summing up the meeting, the teacher of the Academic Department of Humanities and Arts of the European Humanities University, chairman of the Belarusian Committee of ICOMOS Stepan Stureyko stressed that the answer to the question why we need to restore the synagogue, we are here on earth Oshmiany. At the beginning of the synagogue should be moved from the category of Jewish heritage in the category Oshmiany. This is our heritage, Belarus, and it is unique.
Alina Sanyuk.
Photo by Svetlana MUTSYANSKAY.


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