The 9th regional festival of medieval culture was held in Golshany

Traditionally, for many guests, the organizers offered a rich entertainment program, various forms of leisure, as they say, for every taste.
In the church of St. John the Baptist a concert of the Chamber Choir of the Lida State Music College took place, timed to the 400th anniversary of the church.

The main festive event unfolded at the walls of the Golshansky castle. Here, according to tradition, there were several sites: «Tournament», «Knight’s camp», «City of masters», «Archers», «We invite to games» and others.
Visitors were expected to attend the demonstration performances of the historical reconstruction clubs «Scottish infantry» from Molodechno and «Volkovysk Banner», the club of Slavic martial arts «Aridan» from Grodno, the horse-historical club «Golden Spur» from Minsk, the military historical clubs «Sekier» from Minsk and » Mat «from Novogrudok, the club of medieval culture» Druzhina Patrika «from Grodno, the group of saber fencing REBELIA.
Plunge into the medieval era was also helped by the historical and patriotic club «Kron», the knights from the «Jikaga palyavannya», as well as the archers, the theater of historical dance SOLEIL, who offered the guests a master class on the dances in which our ancestors were spinning.


As before, theatrical performances are especially popular among festival visitors. This year, the exciting show «The Battle on the Blue Waters» was presented by the knights of the «Golden Spur» and «Sekerczha».
Lively was and on the playground, where the performance of the street theater «VIR» took place. The audience was presented with the show «Dance of Death, or a story about how once Death decided to take a rest.»



Do not miss the masters, who came from different parts of Belarus. Someone came with a ready-made product — products made of wood, ceramics, flax, metal — and someone provided the opportunity for the guests to participate in its production. So, for example, in the forge, anyone could make a souvenir coin on their own. Fans of painting could immediately make their portrait or a more budgetary version of art — aquagrim.



Among the festival novelties of this year are plein-airers of wood carvers who hold a master class on working with natural materials near the walls of Sapieha Castle. Figures made by Valentin Bogdevich, Nikolai Sklyar from Grodno and Vladimir Chikvin from Kobrin, will later be decorated with Halšany.
Where, if not at the festival «Galshansky zamak», plunge into the era of chivalrous chivalry, see archery tournaments, learn medieval dances, taste the national cuisine ?!


By the way, by the present festival the regional branch of the oblast consumer society has prepared a surprise — a gingerbread that will not only delight sweeties, but will also become a wonderful souvenir. Over its creation worked confectioners Lyudmila Krulikovskaya and Marina Alexandrovich, led by deputy director of the branch Irina Matskoy. Confectioners offer several varieties of goodies — beautifully packaged gingerbreads weighing 50, 200 and 300 grams. You can buy them during the festival in Halšany, and then in the shops of the district. In total, 740 gingerbreads were baked. By the way, getting an entrance ticket to the festival, you get a festive gingerbread.
Make rest of the festival guests comfortable not only participants of festive events, but also points of catering that are located nearby. In the Golshansky menu today, and dishes of national cuisine, and the favorite pop-corn, sweet cotton, natural chips …


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